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Wazzub is a company who offers a person-alized startpage - the first page you are watching when ever you open your browser.

The way it is personalized helps the search enginge to generate a much more persoanlized resault of any search done by you.

Do you really need 578.000 search resaults - personally I prefer max. 100



It’s a Fact: the big companies try to dictate to us how to use the Internet.

They collect and sell our data and they earn BILLIONS OF $$$ by doing that. It is time for them to under-stand, that we “the users” decide what happens on the Internet and that we “the users” don’t like to be patronized.
WAZZUB is the first truly global
community that shares their success with us
“the users”, just for choosing them as our homepage. It’s so easy: the more
users that join the WAZZUB Family for free, the more bonuses we “the users” will receive!
With every FREE member that you invite, you build your DealFACTOR. Starting
July 1, you will receive DealPOINTS every month. With DealPOINTS you will be able to shop in online stores for free, to receive 100%-Discount-Coupons for restaurants, services and entertainment, and to play skill games vs. other
members to win REAL MONEY.The higher your DealFACTOR, the more DealPOINTS you will receive.


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For the first time ever a global online community is sharing its profits
with its pre-launch members. That is why we named it the first Profit Sharing Phenomenon.





Peter Larsen.






An 'Once in a lifetime' opportunity is available right now and you are able to earn a lot of money - for free - starting this minut.


How can that be?

In order to acheve costumers and getting their name out Wazzub would  have to pay billions of dollars to get as many customers as they have now - if they chose to use the normal advertising channals like tv - radio - direct mail and newspaper.

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Instead they are willing to pay us who are inviting people in for free something they call Dealpoints something you can earn too... just sign up and verify your e-mail account - it sometimes ends up in the spamfolder - so look for it there too.


This is your new home on the internet and guess what - it is free to use - forever - we will never ask you for a dime - how cool is that? 

More than 6 million people have already joined - but that is just a fraction of the worlds population right.


Join now and be the first to invite YOUR friends before they invite you...


It is a numbers game - the more you invite the higher your Deal factor will be - but we can not pay the whole world - therefor it ends July the first.


Now you know what you need to know...


What are you waiting for... Life is a do-it-your-self project -


Just Do it