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Just been paid/Jss trippler the system that pays me over and over and over again.

Am I exited? You bet I am. Is it reliable? You bet I think it is.

Frederick Mann is offering you 1.000.000 us dollars if you can find a flaw or error in the matematic or algoritm - and so far I have 'invested' no more than 400 $ and think it is something that is affordable to lose if everything goes down.



Click on the picture to join :-)


And a quote from a successful guy in the

 'success from home' magzine:


"Tell me yes - or tell me no ...

Tell me quick - I've got to go"





I have been doing some calculation lateley.

And my advice is that you start with 430 $


The first $15 is to upgrade - so you will be able to use the system - server fee - ongoing free conferences and backoffice staff.

The next 15$ is for transferring money from Alertpay to jss tripler


The rest the 400$ is used to buy 40 positions in the system - Why? good question because you put your self in a position where you can get these money to 'self feed' the system (compounding) by buying new positons every 5' day because placing 40 positions (1 position is worth $ 10) and the outcome is $ 0.20 each that gives you 8 $ a day.

This means that you can buy 4 positions every fifth day.


The money is in the system for 81 days giving an average outcome of 2% pr day. (1.5% in the week-ends)


But when 4 positions is matured (circled) they will give you a $ 20 position in a new 2x2 matrix looking like this:



 When the matrix is full - the first $ 20 position (you) will be paid out with $ 60 - That is what I want to happen every week in the beginning and every day in the end...


It require no sponsoring - no selling - no going to meetings, and no time wasted commuting to and from work.


If you will - you can calculate other figures in the system


You can calculate with compounding (re-invest) or without.


But my involvement will pay me - one year from the start (if the money stays in the system and I start withdrawing) close to $ 500 pr. day.

Or the total of a little over $ 77.000 one year from now. from a $ 400 involvement. that is pretty COOL. And that is just in JSS tripler.

The money in JSS (the 2x2 matrix) has not been calculated that is just spending money - A lot of spending money :-)


And where does the money comes from?

Advertising - we give 'just been paid' money so they can purchase large quantaties of advertising space on various sites - they then sell these advertising spaces to a higher price generating a profit they share with us.


The money you give - is back on your account in approx. 56 days and the rest of the days up to the 81 is pure profit.


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Today I want to

learn how to get money to work for me...